10 Ways to Make More Money in 2015

10 Ways to Make More Money in 2015
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You’ve probably heard the admonition time and again, “live within or below your means if you want to stay on budget.” While that advice has been tried and tested, it’s not always the easiest thing to do. Rather than trim expenses, there is another way to living a debt-free lifestyle without feeling deprived. Make more money. This is the only way to maintaining or even improving your quality of life without going to debt.

If you’re looking to increase your source of income, take heart because there are now more opportunities than ever to earn extra money. You may need to go through some major or minor changes along the way but remember, the payoff is going to be worth it. Here are xxxxx ways to earn more money in 2015:

Request for a raise

One of the first things you need to do when looking to earn more money is assess your current job. If you think it’s time for a raise, you should go to your employer and request that well deserved raise. Just remember that you need a strong and valid argument to justify your request. If this pulls through, you won’t have to work extra hours but you’re earning more because you were bold enough to ask.

Change your job

If a raise is not possible, you may consider changing your job. This is not always the easiest move to make considering today’s employment rate. But then again, if you know you have the skills and experience, might as well take that chance. When looking for a new job, make sure to use whatever leverage you have at the moment. When a company wants you, use that to negotiate your salary bumping it higher that what your previous job used to pay you.

Try freelance work

Other than getting paid a sizable sum for your full-time work, you may also consider freelance work. You can start from telling colleagues to recommend you for professional freelance gigs. You may also try the Internet. Go online and check out sites like Elance-Odesk, Fiverr and Threadless for good-paying freelance work that will put those extra hours on your hands to good use. Just remember to look for jobs that pay your for what you’re worth and not just because you needed the extra money.

Start a blog

Have you ever come across bloggers while browsing through the internet? Did you know that many of those bloggers are earning extra money on the side while still having a full time job? Others went as far as quitting their full time job in order to focus all their time on blogging. If you don’t know it yet, blogging is a lucrative source of extra money for more people. Some of these bloggers earn by hundreds of thousands and others millions in a span of years.


Tutor online

If you’re a professional and you have a special skill you know you can teach others, you can try teaching online. Teaching English to foreign students, for instance, is a lucrative business at the moment. You can set your hours as well as you hourly rate depending on your skill, experience and how much your clients are willing to pay you.

Look for a temporary job

If the suggestions above won’t work for your skill set, you can always look for temporary jobs at offices. Many may say that most of the opportunities are in the Internet but that’s not always the case. Traditional companies still exist and they are often in need of temporary workers. You might get lucky and earn that much needed extra money along the way this 2015.

Make money out of your creativity

If you’re the crafty type, why not make money out of that talent? You can make jewelries and other novelty items you can sell at local shops or within your community.

Sell online

Even if you’re not the entrepreneurial type, you can make extra money out of old clothes and other things you no longer need. Make an account on eBay and sell whatever you find in the house you think you can let go and make extra money in the process.


Get paid to walk dogs or baby sit

If you have neighbors who need babysitting and dog-sitting needs, offer your services for a reasonable fee. You can add the extra earnings to your savings or cover for other expenses to maintain your quality of life.

Make music online or play at special events

If you can sing, play an instrument or make music, make it count by using it to earn more cash this 2015. You can make videos, for example, and post it on YouTube. The more views you get the more chances you’ll have of earning extra money.

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