And We’re Live – LoanWire Launched!

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Welcome to the official blog of LoanWire! Finally, after countless days of excitement, we’ve officially launched today, 4th September 2014. Our blog will serve as your portal of guides and tips about logbook loans- its uses, benefits, sources, and other helpful bits of information that will serve useful during your search for a loan, the entire application process, up to finishing off with your deal. We’ll show you tricks on how to find the right lender, how to grab the best loan offer, and how to save money on your chosen deal.

New-Website-LaunchFirst and foremost, let us tell you what LoanWire is all about. LoanWire is a free service dedicated to helping borrowers all over UK obtain a logbook loan. We are a comparison site which compiles all the best deals in the market and show them to you, so that searching for a loan will be quick, easy, and most importantly, affordable. We work with the country’s most renowned logbook loan lenders, which is why we can bring you closer to services that are not only easy to obtain, but are worthy of your time and money.

Just to give you a short overview of what logbook loans are, these are short term loans which require the borrower’s vehicle registration or “logbook” as collateral. In short, the loan is secured against the borrower’s vehicle during the entire duration of the loan, and the logbook will only be released after the loan is fully settled. By nature, these loans do not require credit checks, and thus have become a popular alternative for individuals with inferior credit and couldn’t obtain a loan using traditional means. If you are one of these people, LoanWire is here at your service.

It is important to note that we are not lenders, but rather, a trusted comparison site where you can get quick and free logbook loan quotes. We constantly monitor the web for the newest offers from various lenders, so we have all the information that you need in order to apply for a loan online. If you’re thinking about getting a logbook loan, but want to know the pricing and details first, you can take advantage of our free, no-obligation quote service.

We suggest you keep on revisiting our blog section, as we plan on keeping this page up-to-date with all the information you require before and after taking out a logbook loan. Ultimately, our g
oal is to make sure that you remain an informed borrower by letting you know the ins and outs of this type of lending. We also want to help you as much as we can in addressing other financial concerns that you may have.

Through our blog, we aim to give you the most reliable tips and advice not just about logbook loans, but all financial matters in general, including debt, credit, savings, and retirement. We will try our best to keep you updated with the latest trends and news on all things related to personal finance, so stay tuned!

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