Basic Income – a Concept That Became Mandatory

Basic Income – a Concept That Became Mandatory
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The idea is very simple, every single citizen within the area is receiving a certain unconditional basic income just because he or she exists and is a citizen. As a form of social security, this system provides a basic monthly amount of money to every person that is registered as a citizen and lives within the area designated. The future idea would encompass the whole country that embraces such a system and would allow the citizen of the lucky country to live a worry-free life absent of any existence-angst. The main concern people have is based on the presumption that people are going to take advantage of the system and simply stop working altogether, stop doing anything, only vegetate and spend the money they get for free. Test results, on the other hand, prove that this concern is unfounded, even mean spirited.

Who would be against such a concept? Rich people, because they would not have the main weapon for oppression they overuse currently to the extreme. Bad politicians, because people, i.e. voters would start thinking for themselves and recognise when they go against what people want. Lazy people, because they are used to getting freebies and social security money and would not like it when all other people receive it as well. Everybody else would be delighted. In fact, only people who presume the worst in people are actually against this concept.


Several studies, long term and short term, have been conducted, in India, Canada, Holland and now the Swiss want to have a referendum to make the whole country adopt basic income. There is a global network in place, called Basic Income Earth Network, which advocates the positive effects of such concepts and they conduct serious research studies, educate people and are generally a place to start, if you are interested in this concept. For instance, in Catalonia, there is over seventy per cent people in favour of implementing basic income to Catalonia, in France the percentage is a bit lower, but still 60%.

BIEN, short for Basic Income Earth Network, was formed already in 1986, in Louvain, Belgium. It consists of mainly academics and activists that are advocating basic income not as a job, a right to be earned or anything shady, but a fundamental right of citizenship, something every citizen should be granted by being alive. While plenty of people think that nobody would work in such an environment, the trials prove them fundamentally wrong. In places where such concepts were deployed, income inequality was eradicated and poverty was non-existent.

The results gained by such social experiments, as the one conducted in India, have proven that basic income works. Significant socioeconomic boost was perceived, particularly for minorities, women, seniors and people with disabilities. The overall results testified about higher economic activity – which is expected, since that everybody had money to spend, invest, save or use to pay someone else. Employment and entrepreneurship boomed and people generally behaved better and were less stressed. They ate more properly, healthier and more natural foods were preferred. People did become less ill and children and students performed better in all their tasks. Many people used their basic income to organise debt consolidation and were by the end of the trial debt free.

Finland and Switzerland are the first countries to seriously consider implementing basic income and the results speak for themselves. The increasing automatisation and deployment of machines and robots to do work that humans used to do, but also the dwindling need for human oversight of manufacturing and many more similar improvements, which were invented to make lives easier, make human employment possibilities drop. Right now, nobody can try and find any other job, go back to school or even start a business on their own, because of the existential scare, people need their homes and food on the table. Basic income provides for that and in such cases people are free to consider doing what they always wanted to do, namely, follow their dreams, their calling and do a job they truly like.

A survey discovered that almost 100% of all employed personnel were unhappy with their jobs. The question why they do not try and do something they would enjoy was answered unanimously with the slogan: “We need this job, because our sheer existence is dependent on the monthly income”. If these people would be granted a basic income, they would be able to do a job they truly like, even if that work does not produce a large income, it would be much more satisfying and result in less health and mental problems, crime would diminish and simply put, people would be happier.


Oppression is a tool used by totalitarian societies to control the masses and thus steal away the cream of income that a country generates for personal gains. It is most often done with assistance by tycoons, oligarchs, huge companies and banks. Most countries, which pride themselves of being democratic are actually oppressing the masses by limiting the possible income of average people, creating a vortex that keeps the one per cent getting richer and the vast majority of the population getting poorer. Poor people are easier to control, because they fight for their life and all they need is a target for their anger, which is why racism, religious fanatics, segregation, inequality, fear, terrorism and similar tools are being used to divert this anger that should go against the oppressor towards mostly imaginary enemies, some of which are created by the oppressors themselves.

The saddest thing is that such basic income strategy would be much cheaper to facilitate than existing social service solutions and if governments truly would care at least a bit about their citizen, they would try and push such a concept through, which would pay for itself in the shortest possible time frame. Make an effort and inform yourself about this truly great idea, before some lunatic brands it a trick of communists, terrorists, Muslims, Jews, or whatever the enemy of the hour is deemed to be. Know only this one thing – the only enemy you truly have, is the one that is not allowing you to prosper and be happy.

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