Cars and Money

Cars and Money
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Do you remember your first car? Maybe not even the one you did drive yourself, but the one your parents drove you around? Ever since the first ever cars, like the Ford Model 1, driving around in a car has been a unique pastime experience, something everybody likes to do, enjoyment for the whole family. Yet it is not always easy to get the vehicle in the first place, the struggle to gather enough cash to purchase that first automobile tends to be a harrowing experience. Luckily nowadays buying a car is made much easier through all the financing possibilities available to almost any person with a regular job.

 Vehicle registration

Made notoriously known as logbook by the very much popular lending scheme, logbook loan, this elusive piece of paper is the proof that you are a proud owner of a car. If it is also the first ever to bear your name as the primary title holder, then the ownership is something that will follow you throughout your whole life. You will never forget your first car, no matter how good or bad that particular one was, or how great any of the future cars you own will be. Just like your first love, the first car will always stay with you in some way or manner.


If you think back, you will most certainly find that many of your positive, good memories are linked with cars. That time when you went with your parents to the vacation, mall, perhaps just went out for your birthday or something. That wonderful time where you were young, did not have a care in the world and everything was wonderful and fun, the time where you did not have to struggle to find enough money to make it through the month. This is the reason why most people longingly reminisce about the past, as if it was much easier to live way back when you were young and times were more peaceful and timid.



Nowadays it seems that everybody is just about the cash, how to get some, how to spend it. You go out on a date, one of the main points seems to be what you are doing for a living. The inevitable question, if you are going to split the check or the guy is paying for the whole outing as a real gentleman, whatever that actually may have once been. Cars do seem to be hard to get by, just as they used to be. Although you can get a proper used car in the UK for a pretty low price, it is mostly the insurance that kills the fun. Some cars have insurance obligations pending that are much bigger than the car itself is worth.

Cars and money

Owning a car is, when viewing the bottom line, a matter of financial capability. If you have enough money, you can have a nice car and the more money you have, the better car you can afford. Just as you have managed to save enough money to purchase the car, you have to start saving up money for the pending car registration, insurance, repairs, all the while paying left and right for costs of use, such as fuel, oil, new tires, air freshener, car radio, parking tickets, anything else that may incur payments you otherwise would not have.

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