Cars – and Why You Need One

Cars – and Why You Need One
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Majority of the population in the First World countries feel that a car is not a luxury item anymore. Sure, it may depend on what car you are talking about, although supercars are not really an issue here. Large cities, such as London, do have extremely well organised public transportation. Abroad in the US, there are cities such as New York, more precisely Manhattan, where owning and using a car is next to impossible. On the other hand, in Los Angeles you are practically dependent on your vehicle; without a car you are lost and will be most probably arrested if you walk around, charge being loitering.

Simply assuming that when you turn 18 you will already own a car is the preposterous way of thinking people in the First World are used to. Yet almost nobody truly thinks about the reasons why you would need a car, what you will use such a vehicle for. Teenage boys have certain ideas, mostly connected to the Hollywood myth of the back seat, but that is not really a reason why somebody needs a car. Think for a moment and try to explain why you would need a car and try to be honest to yourself, do you really need it for that purpose you envisioned?


The older you get, the more important it becomes that you start exercising. If you are out of shape, walking is the first thing your doctor will prescribe and you will never truly consider abandoning your car and walk all the distances required for you to get around, even with the use of public transportation. Despite what you have been told, the biggest reason why there is so many obese people, besides sugary soft drinks, is the lack of exercise. While you were younger, without the car, you always walked and used foreign transportation – this includes parents driving you around – where you were left to walk certain distances to wherever you were supposed to go. Most people have jobs that require them to be sitting or otherwise be stationary. This forced immobility makes your muscles weak and due to increasing food intake, generally induced by habit and the need for instant gratification, you start to gain weight.


Cars for mobility

Once you own a car you stop being physical and start driving wherever you need to go. Everybody knows that one guy who uses the car to go purchase cigarettes or beer in the store just down the block. People start getting lazy, once the vehicle is readily available, boring jobs nine to five additionally killing all interest in exercise. Most jobs are just one step away from slave labour – you are getting paid, instead of being owned. Yet the job does own you to a certain extent, the daily expenses and worries prohibiting you from staying enthusiastic, so you just see to get it over with and drive to and fro work like a zombie, looking forward to the smallish time window where you can actually live.

Current state of affairs

Right now there seems to be no other option for a regular person to escape from such working conditions, so owning a car is seemingly unavoidable, in order to maximize leisure time and finish all chores that may be required as soon as possible. Going to a mall in order to purchase anything is impossible if you have no car, as is bringing food supplies for the whole week, for a family of three and plus. Yes, there are supermarket delivery services, some chain food stores even provide online shopping with immediate delivery, but not enough people use such a service for a variety of reasons.


There is almost not a single family, at least statistically, in the First World area, which does not own at least one car. Cities are hopelessly clogged and parking spaces are getting less by the minute. Owning a car is a responsibility and a liability, besides being costly. Make sure that you really need a car, that you can afford keeping it and that you have a place to park it. Also make sure that you do not stop using your legs as often as you possibly can muster.

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