Cars That Do Not Lose Value over Time

Cars That Do Not Lose Value over Time
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There are some car companies that have a really bad word of mouth, while some others are known to be reliable and quite valued, even if they are not really awesome anymore. There are several internet sites that proclaim various cars as very valuable even after significant time has passed, but sometimes these evaluations seem random and self-serving. To simply find out which cars are retaining more value than others, most of the people would suggest consulting some kind of a blue book, or used car salesman guide, but the best results can be made by doing some serious research.

Unfortunately, the internet is infested with fake, biased and PR paid articles proclaiming really not so hot cars as having awesome values. Additionally, some of the blue books have recently been outed as preferring less than stellar cars for advertising revenue and other income, such as the Kelly Blue Book or In Germany it is even worse, the site has several articles regarding cars that are retaining their value over time and all three have different conclusions, different winners. In order to truly find out which cars are keeping their value best, you have to follow sales figures of used cars for a while and if possible talk to the purchaser of the used car a couple of months after they have taken over the possession of the vehicle. The results are astounding.

Honda Automotive


For some reason the Japanese giant Honda has the most reliable used cars of all. People do not adore them, like some others, such as the Camaro, the Corvette or the Firebird, but they do seem to sell properly, with acceptable devaluation rates and the buyers seem happy with their choice. There are the least instances of new breakages and failures regarding used Hondas, hidden defects at time of sale are not included. Honda service outlets are marvellous and very efficient.


Narrowly beaten by their Japanese colleagues, Toyota cars are just as sought after as Hondas, with a similar quality and value depreciation rate. While with Hondas the sedans were top rated, most popular Toyotas were SUVs and hatchbacks. Similarly to Honda, the Toyota cars are not really loved or admired, but treasured for their reliability and endurance.

The rest of the bunch are very much even, in a global perspective, there are huge differences, depending on location, though. For instance Fiat is very much popular in southern parts of Europe, where it is not truly reliable, but the replacement parts are cheap. Fiat engines are, on the other hand, hard to ruin. In the UK, for instance, people tend to appreciate German cars, so their popularity overcomes the reliability concerns. In the UK, the most significant decision making factor seem to be the insurance costs.

In the US, people tend to love their pickup trucks, Jeeps and then German cars. The cars that hold their value best, though, are meticulously kept and restored classic models, such as Mustangs, Cadillacs and any other cars with social and public references that make them popular. DeLoreans are very much sought after, despite being completely unreliable and not manufactured anymore, even parts are very hard to come by, yet people love them because of the “Back to the Future” movies.

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