Do Aliens Use Cash?

Do Aliens Use Cash?
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Sometimes it is outright funny, if not ridiculous, how the movie businesses, or even scientists, perceive aliens and prospective encounters of a third kind. Being able to see beyond the obvious should be a pre-requisite for any kind of diploma, notwithstanding the essential capability of free and creative thinking. Some witty chap once quipped that the best evidence that aliens exist is the fact that they have not made contact with us. People have seen UFOs all over the world, although the alien abductions seem to befall US citizen of a certain kind exclusively. In any case, if aliens would indeed visit us, would we ask them what they have to declare first?

If these aliens would have no idea of our civilizational peculiarities, how would they understand and behave, if we, ignorant as we are, would try to impose our deviant living practices unto them? Most of all, would an intelligent species, that has probably developed way beyond our comprehension in probably completely different direction, understand why our people commit atrocities in quests for power, riches, fame, fortune and any other ghastly goal that seems to justify evil? Would they understand why people die for money?

Well, plenty of people on this earth do not understand why people die for money, god, wars, of hunger, poverty and similar, when there are resources that can fix all that. It has been said that we might even find a way to immortality, by the year 2050, if there is enough funding. Now read the last sentence once again and figure out for yourself how ridiculous that is. When and if intelligent life forms arrive and make contact, they will have to be prepared for an all-out conflict. Which of the geniuses will be the first to push the red button unleashing nuclear holocaust is yet to be determined, but one of them will do it.


Do you still find it peculiar why not a single alien has already contacted us? Maybe they did, in the past, there are plenty of hints and unexplained references in historic art, paintings, wall hieroglyphs, physical and magnetic anomalies and whatnot. Some believe that from such an encounter the myth of God, of whichever religion is completely insignificant, where primitive people were unable to explain a being technologically and otherwise far more advanced, but to declare it some form of deity. God, in fact, if he or she exists, must be an alien, because he or she is not of this Earth. Even Jesus stated that he is “not of this Earth” in the Bible.

How will then some being, arriving on Earth, have the insight and know how to deal with people, unless they have observed us from afar and know who and how we are? It is quite unnerving to find out that the US have put in place a defence plan, which is being constantly upgraded, and which is destined to protect the Earth from – as they state – asteroids that pose a threat. If the US put up enough fire power to divert and destroy any asteroids, which may threaten Earth, what will they do if they see spaceships approaching? Yes, you have understood this right, the ubiquitous red button of doom – thank you Megamind.

After the world has witnessed the movies and other broadcasts of alien invasions, which all ended with humans winning, there is almost certainly not going to be any positive responses to any alien coming to visit. Perhaps if that alien makes an effort to declare himself the Son of God and proclaims his arrival to be the second coming of the Messiah, then some people would think twice. But for any intents and purposes, even the second coming of the Son of God is actually an alien invasion.

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