Below, we’ve compiled commonly asked questions and separated them into sections for your better understanding. If there are still some issues you would like to clarify, feel free to send your queries through our contact page.
General Questions
How much can I borrow?
With LoanWire, you can borrow anything between £500 and £5,000. Keep in mind that the loan amount will depend on your affordability and your vehicle’s value. Most of the time, you can release between 50% and 75% of the car’s market value, so the higher your vehicle costs, the more money you can borrow.
Where should I spend the money?
It doesn’t really matter where you want to spend your money, what matters is that you have the means to repay your loan. It’s your money after all, so we don’t really pry into further details as where you want to spend it. Whatever your plans are, we do trust that you’ll use your vehicle cash wisely.
Will you perform credit checks on me?
No, not at all! Logbook loans are designed specifically for customers who need fast cash but couldn’t get approved anywhere because of bad credit. It doesn’t matter if you have default, CCJ, IVA, or even bankruptcy recorded in your credit file. There’s nothing to be ashamed about because our service is meant exactly for you!
What if I need to top up?
Oftentimes, you need to finish off with your current loan before you can request for another one. But if you have an urgent need, contact your lender if you need a loan top-up. They may be able to grant your request if you’re nearing the end of your present term.

Application Questions
How do I apply?
To start with your application, simply complete the online form located in our homepage. Don’t worry because it’s fast and free! We only need to acquire some basic information about yourself, such as your personal and contact details so we’ll have a means to call you back. We will also need to obtain your vehicle details so we can find you an exact match.
How long does the application take?
Filling out the online form itself only takes about 60 seconds to complete. After receiving your application, we will quickly look into it, find you a suitable lender, and call you back within a few minutes!
How soon can I meet with the lender?
It’s all up to you! If you are happy with our quote, we can schedule your appointment with the lender as soon as you are ready. Just let us know the most convenient time for you, and where do you like to meet.
How and when should I receive the funds?
If your application is successful (and we’ll let you know instantly), you can quickly seal the deal with the lender and receive your money in 24 hours or less! You can choose to have the funds deposited directly to your bank account, or ask the lender to write you a cheque.

Repayment Questions
How soon should I start making the repayments?
Depending on your chosen schedule, you will most likely start making your first payment on your next payday. You can still adjust this period depending on your convenience and affordability.
How often should I make the repayments?
You can set up your repayments every week, every fifteen days, or every 30 days, depending on your convenience. We advise scheduling your repayments the same day or a few days after you received your salary, to ensure that you have enough cash.
For how long will I have to make payments?
The length of your loan term will depend entirely on how much you earn, how much your loan is, and how much you’re planning to pay in every instalment. Obviously, the bigger your loan amount, the longer it will take before you can clear the debt, unless you are to receive a big amount of cash soon. Logbook loans are flexible and you get to decide how much you want to pay and for how long. However, we recommend keeping your loan term short because these types of loans are more expensive.
What happens if I miss a single payment?
A single missed repayment doesn’t automatically mean that your vehicle will be seized, but you will be charged extra for late payment fees. If you anticipate being late on your next instalment, we advise contacting your lender in advance to avoid any problems that would result in much higher costs or further damage on your credit rating.
Can I pay off the loan early?
Yes, you can. Some of our lenders may clear any outstanding debt earlier for a small fee, but many of our lenders may allow you to settle the full loan balance without early repayment fees. We recommend that you inquire about this before signing any deal, especially if you are expecting to receive a huge amount of cash anytime soon.

 Vehicle Questions
What types of vehicles do you accept?
We have a large network of lenders that accept all types of vehicles aside from cars, such as motorcycles, vans, and trucks. Just let us know exactly what your vehicle is and we’ll find you the perfect match.
Will you take my vehicle?
No. Neither we, nor the lender will have to pawn your vehicle during the life of the loan. You will only have to surrender your vehicle’s logbook (V5), sign the bill of sale, and hand over a spare key to the car, but you get to keep driving it, provided that you always pay on time.
What happens if I get into a car accident?
If you got into a vehicular accident while the logbook loan is in place, you will have to shoulder any damages or legal costs involved, as you are still the legal keeper of the car.
Can I apply a vehicle that is still under financing?
We usually do not accept vehicles that are still under financing, except of course if the debt owed is relatively small. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to submit a form through our homepage, or alternatively contact our support team for free consultation.