Great Everyday Money Saving Tips

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We all want a little bit more money in our pockets each week. Unfortunately, money isn’t going to just start appearing for most of us. Instead, we have to find ways to cut back and save some of our money. There are many things you can do to save yourself some money each week, some of which probably never even crossed your mind. Doing these things won’t make you rich overnight, but if you stick with them, you may find it rewarding in the long run.

One of the best money saving tips we can offer is to follow what is called the PERK system. Write down all of your expenses and decide which ones you can either Postpone, Eliminate, Reduce, or Keep. By doing this simple exercise you can be more aware of where you want your money to go, and where you can cut back. People who have done this exercise have found that they can save hundreds every month.

Next, consider cutting back on your nights out. This doesn’t mean to stop going out, because we all know it’s important to have fun every once in a while. Instead of going to dinner and a movie however, consider having dinner at home and then going to a movie. Or invite friends over for a game night, then have it at their place next time. This way you still get to go out and have fun, but won’t have to take out a loan to do so!

Another thing to consider is the money you save on technology. If your kids are constantly going over their data limits, look into getting them a capped contract. If you like to rent movies a lot, consider getting a subscription to a site like Netflix. You don’t have to cut technology out of your life entirely, but being smarter about it can save you a lot of money each month.

Lastly, try cutting back on some of those little expenses you have each month. Brew your coffee at home instead of buying one each day. Or make your lunch for the week instead of buying out. Small cutbacks can have a large cumulative effect in the long run, and shouldn’t be ignored.

Hopefully with these few tips you can start seeing a difference in the money you have left over each week. Everyone is different, so only you know where you can cut back and how much you can save. If you are willing to make a couple of small sacrifices though, you should see the fruits of your labor in the long run. You can even use that extra money you are saving towards something even better, like a vacation!

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