Greece – and Then There Were None

Greece – and Then There Were None
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What happened with Greece all of a sudden? For weeks and weeks we were barraged with daily news of impeding catastrophes targeting that Mediterranean country, whereby the EU and EMU were apparently at stake, doomsday was officially proclaimed, the end of the World as we know it imminent. Then Tsipras signed and immediately any and all news media stopped in their tracks and turned to some other topics, as if Grexit was never an issue. You would think that the press would have now a lot more to write about Greece than before the deal was struck. You would think that if before the deal was made, the survival of a whole nation would continue to matter after the deal was signed, sealed and delivered. But no, suddenly no significant media outlet seems to remember what the breaking news topic was until yesterday.

The scam

Greece did try to scam the EU and EMU into opening their avenues for more money than they were able to pay back. Right now, Greece has no financial means to pay back what they owe. EU still bailed Greece out, Tsipras seemingly succumbed and now nothing. Why is nobody scratching their head, yelling foul or even trying to understand what just happened? How was the whole World, or at least the EU on the brink of collapse a day ago and suddenly, all is fine? Furthermore, why is the media suddenly completely uninterested in Greece?

As the infamous Deep Throat informant uttered to Woodward and Bernstein all those years ago, during the Watergate scandal, the answer is simpler than you would think: “Follow the money”.

The first indication should be that only American sources and experts close or paid by American sources were yapping about the impeding Greek catastrophe. Most of the pro-Tsipras and anti-EU propaganda came either from America, Russia or a source that quoted either of these. Most original stories, which focused on how EU is mistreating Greece, came directly from American sources, American media or American experts. A few experts were seemingly independent, but if you “follow the money” you see that they are actually working for some American paper, TV station or news agency.

The second indication should have been the sudden raise of the Greek debt. If the Greek did not have any newly accumulated debts, why did they need a bailout? All they needed to do is simply continue paying off the debt they had, perhaps getting the time that passed while they are playing coy as a grace period, restructuring the debt in such manner that they simply paid the debt for that much of a prolonged schedule. It has not been made publicly clear what all the money the EU now forwarded to the Greek was to be used for. If there is a bailout, that means that Greece had a payment due, they were not able to meet. But all their creditors are within the EU, right?


The Greek lie

The Germans were made out to be the villains here, because someone paid the whole PR machinery to portray it as a Greek – German conflict. In fact, 18 countries in the EU were against helping Greece and wanted to kick them out. Why did nobody paint a picture of the 18 states trying to suffocate Greece, but they had to dig up Nazi references, in order to manipulate the public outrage and portray the actual nationalist, Tsipras, as the hero. But Tsipras is everything else, but a hero. While negotiating with the EU, Tsipras agreed to get another loan from the Americans, thereby boosting the national debt even further. While the banks were closed, Tsipras received his share of the latest Euro currency drop, paid in full, but not in any accounts you will find in Greece.

Of course it was not Tsipras alone, most of the former and aspiring Greek criminals, excuse my Freudian slip, politicians were active in the best Balkan manner, milking everybody for what they have got. The whole Tsipras and Syriza scam was put up only to fool the Greek public into the “oxi” debate, there was never a chance of Greece truly breaking with the EU. As long as Greek people have something to keep them occupied, they will not start to occupy the government – Tsipras learned well from such geniuses as Milošević, Tadić, Vučić, Tuđman, Izetbegović, Tači, Đukanović. There seems to be an endless line of wannabe Josip Broz Titos just blooming on the Balkans, whereby most of them have serious sociopathic tendencies.

What really happened

The whole deal is pretty simple, EU and the USA are in a financial war, trying to gain currency dominance with their respective currencies. It is a real war, where nothing is spared, people are cannon fodder and countries are just used as weapons. If you manage to separate the agendas of the EU and the USA, the whole picture appears to be pretty obvious. We have a new cold war happening and it is all about the money. The main players are the US Dollar and the European Euro and everything else is without substance, because once again ideology is stronger than compassion and people suffer for someone else’s greed.

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