How Do You Get into the Exclusive Club Called 1 per Cent?

How Do You Get into the Exclusive Club Called 1 per Cent?
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Currently, in order to qualify for the Exclusive Club, your household needs to generate income that surpasses half a million US dollars. To save you the calculation or Google wizardry, that sum equals about 320,000 British Pound. Despite being high on first glance, that number, come to think of it, is not really that high. This is the annual income of your household, half a million per year, this puts you in the top one per cent everybody groans about.

Now you certainly think that the other 99 per cent earn less than that and suddenly you realize that there is something wrong with this picture. If you consider that the GDP total is around 2 trillion British Pound, which amounts to a nominal GDP per capita of more than thirty thousand British Pound sterling, you can surmise that there are plenty of people living below the minimum wage of a tad less than 14,000 Pounds per year.

Now think about how do you get to earn more money than you earn now? Simple, either get a job that pays top cash or make your own job that pays top cash, which is logical, since that you pay yourself the salary in the latter. To be honest, if you would have your own company, would you be so silly to give yourself a huge salary like that? It would most assuredly burden your company a lot and unless you are the new owner of Microsoft, Sun, Apple, Samsung or something like those companies, you better have a revenue in billions.

No, actually you need a company that is big like that and then you need someone to pay you that much. In order to gain that extent of payment, you need to provide a service nobody else is able to do, otherwise you would be replaced within seconds. The only people who can generate such income are music and film stars and people who work for them and such people are scarce, moreover, the starpower life expectancy is diminishing by the minute, there are no superstars anymore, who can request such a payday, expect for the Rolling Stones, perhaps.


Additionally, if you would hit it that big, that you earn a couple of millions, would you want to work then? You could purchase a home, become a writer or something that is completely without stress, maybe open a bakery or something and simply chill for the rest of your life. Who needs the hassle of having to earn millions year by year and become the target of every crazy person in the vicinity ranging 200 square miles, at least? Being famous does sound glamorous, but the stalkers alone should scare you away, not to mention paparazzi, lawyers, lawsuits, huge companies that own you and perhaps even the responsibility to the people you employ.

Nevertheless, being in the Exclusive Club does have its perks, yet it comes with a price. In order to have so much money and not give it away to people who truly need it, you need to leave your soul and heart right at the entrance to this bandwagon. Yes, there are celebrities who give away most of what they earn, for instance Keanu Reeves gave away 70% of what he earned on Matrix to the small people working on the movie, the f/x people, the stuntmen and so on. Of what he had left, he gave away plenty for disaster relief and charities, he does not publicise what he gives away, but for hurricane Katrina he allegedly gave away $100,000 alone. Such people are next to non-existent.

Yes, plenty of rich people have charities, but they do it only for tax purposes. Bill Gates, for instance, vowed to fight polio with his own money. Since he started to fight polio up until now, he got richer, despite the big recession a few years back, seriously richer, like 10 billion US dollars richer, at least. How, if he was giving money away? Simple, he is not giving it away, but investing into his own businesses, which pay him back with interest, effectively laundering the money through the charity, giving him cash back, without having to pay any taxes.

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