How to Get Ready for Your First Credit Card

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Many credit cards list 18 years as the qualifying age for a card holder. A good question to ask yourself is; I’m I ready for a card once I turn 18?

Many are usually eager to get their hands on a credit card at this tender age. However, it is good to remember that a credit card comes with responsibilities. Never look at the funds offered as free cash that you can spend on your fetish. You will be required to pay back the money within a certain period and at a certain interest rate. Here is how you can prepare yourself for your first credit card:

  • Ask yourself if you are ready for a credit card. Some of the self searching questions that may help you know if you are ready for one include: what do I need the card for? Are there other better alternatives I can use in the meanwhile? Do I have a sure way to pay back the credit balance after using the card? Is my source of cash able to sustain the credit I will have? Honest answers to these questions will help you know if you are ready for a card.

  • Finding a job is very important. You cannot be issued a credit card if you have no job or a source of steady income. You need to get yourself employed if you want to have success in your application for a credit card.

  • Do your research and narrow your list of the best credit card issuers to a few. You do not need to make countless applications for a credit card just to see who will approve. Make sure to locate card issuers that are known for offering credit cards to first time borrowers.

  • Be selective when trying to find a suitable credit card issuer. There are numerous credit card issuers in the market. Strive to make your search in the right places like your bank or renowned card issuers. Students can easily get students credit card from major card issuers while for those who have a bank account and been able to build a relationship with the bank, it will serve as a great option for them.

  • Select credit card issuers who need individuals with limited or no credit history. As a first time chance for you to operate a credit card, you probably have a limited or no credit history. Applying for a card from issuers looking for excellent records will lead to an automatic decline of your application.


Getting your first card needs effort. You need to have a positive attitude and the will to keep working at getting a credit card. You may get a couple of declines before you get your first card. If this happens, find out why you were denied a card and avoid making the same mistake in your next application. Credit cards have their advantages and you can only benefit from these if you have one.

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