How to Never Miss a Payment Again

How to Never Miss a Payment Again
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When it comes to paying bills, many have committed a blunder at least once. It certainly not ideal for you to miss or delay on your payments but there are certain circumstances that might prevent you from doing so. Unfortunately, missed and delayed payments can lead to a plethora of financial ramifications.

Say for example you miss to pay your electric bill and you might just find your home in the dark. Forget to pay your mobile phone contract and you are going to end up shouldering the fees plus more. Forget to pay your money repayment for a personal loan and you might end up with a bad credit score.

In any way you look at it, missing a payment for any bill or credit is going to be detrimental on your part. This is why as much as can, you need to make sure all your payments are on time. One way to do that is to set-up automatic deductions.


For consumers who want convenience at its best automating bill payments are very popular. You can set it up with your bank and you never have to worry about dates and bills anymore. But automating bills isn’t as simple as it seems.

Before you set it up, it’s very important to remember that there may be important considerations to take into account. One factor, for example, is the fact that autopay usually on works best if it’s done with fixed number bills. Because autopay takes care of everything, consumers tend to forget about their bills. You shouldn’t therefore automate bills you don’t want to get about.

Other factors such as when you move to another location and fees or charges if there are any should also be taken into account. The key is to know the details first before jumping ahead and automating a particular bill.

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