If You Have More Money, Do You Eat Better?

If You Have More Money, Do You Eat Better?
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Haute cuisine was invented for the rich, although the chefs usually say that their craft is to please the exquisite palate, the prices tell a different story. Going out to a fancy restaurant in order to eat miniscule food titbits artfully posed on a humongous plate may be an art form, but nothing to go to if you are hungry. Interestingly enough, such expensive and debonair food is not really particularly healthier for the consumer than the regular home cooked meal. This poses a very interesting question, namely, if you have more money, do you eat better, healthier or do you just follow the price range you can afford?

Nowadays celebrities, most prominently acting and music stars use nutritionists to tailor their diet and have their food prepared in such a manner, where the results are the borderline malnourished stick figures we get to see and adore on our screens. Similar approach is being taken by many people who can afford such a luxury, for reasons that are not really apparent. Nobody is going to pay to see a CEO on a silver screen. Nevertheless, even if such people, celebrities included, do look fashionably photogenic, it does not mean that they are particularly healthy, happy with their food choice or even eating good. It is certain that they are not enjoying eating that rodent food, they get prescribed.

On the other hand, people without money are not eating healthy, mostly because all of the replacements for regular food, like fake cheese, fake bacon, fake turkey bacon and even margarine are significantly less healthy than organic food. In addition to that, meat that is affordable for poorer people has been treated with all kind of chemistry, including antibiotics and growth hormones, which results in overweight people. It is as of yet uncertain what happens when people consume genetically altered food on a regular basis, but since that such food is not organic, the poor people will be again used as guinea pigs.


If you are adventurous and try to find out what food is good for you, you will never get a straight answer from all people you ask, moreover, you will get completely opposing statements from seemingly legitimate sources. Eating real organic food is not wrong, but does not meet all the dietary needs your body requires. You also need meat, despite what Vegetarians and Vegans would like you to believe. Professing being a Vegan and then taking a handful of food supplements is not being Vegan. True Veganism costs more money than a regular human can afford and includes hospital treatments, or said supplements, where most ingredients are derivatives of non-vegan sources. In addition to that, there is no scientific study, at least no independent study that included vegans and non-vegans living under same conditions and working in similar jobs over a period over fifty years and conducted under controlled circumstances with initially similarly healthy and if possible related people.

To put it mildly, if you are trying to eat healthy and good tasting food, you will have to purchase relatively expensive food products and cook it, or rather prepare it yourself. While truly poor people and people with below average household income cannot afford to finance such food supply for a prolonged time, middle-class families can without question do so. The trick is to prepare food that tastes great, yet has all the nutrients you would need, with supplements carefully selected to help out when need be. If you are rich, you will eat salads and pretend to eat everything, while dining on a bamboo stick, talking to yourself about how image is everything. If you are poor, you will be gobbling up additive and MSG rich food, carelessly cruising towards obesity and diabetes type 2.

There is only one solution for your problem right now. Purchase the best quality food you can afford, prepare it yourself and eat it with gusto. Otherwise, there is no sense in eating at all, just eat organic salads and consider yourself a goat. Physical exercise is good too, but you are not training to go to the Olympics, so anything that takes longer than 15 minutes is not for you, unless you are walking, then anything below 40 minutes is useless as well. Eat two to three times a day, with long pauses in between meals and make sure that overnight you do not eat anything, if possible for a duration of 12 to 14 hours. No snacks in between meals and do not eat too much of processed garbage. If you manage to keep that schedule, including modest physical exercise, you will never go obese, never be completely out of shape and never go hungry either. You are welcome.

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