In Sweden People Work Only Six Hours per Day

In Sweden People Work Only Six Hours per Day
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The Svartedalens experiment is making serious waves all over the country, because the results are in, the nurses in the retirement home, where this experiment took place, worked only six hours instead of eight per day, but took home the same amount of money. To make the whole story short, the efficiency is up, the turnover is down. Nurses in this particular Gothenburg care home are truly showing that this concept just might work, the well-being of the staff is high, they are happier and stress free, get to do more at home and at work are friendlier and more energetic.

This is not the first of such trials, some trials were shut down by the government mere ten years ago, when several trials were proposed to alter the traditional working week and explore all the alternatives that are out there. At Svartedalens, for instance, since the nineties staff problems have been noted, manifesting in exhaustion, illness and depression. Too much work impacted their private life and there was no balance. When handling elderly people, particularly the ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, the nurses require constant vigilance, but also plenty of insight, creativity and watchfulness, which over time exhaust that person and stresses them out to unbearable lengths.


This principle is not limited to health care, a Toyota service center had this principle implemented more than a decade ago and the overall efficiency and productivity blossomed. Before the six hour week was implemented, the staff was constantly overworked and stressed out, mistakes multiplied and customers had to wait longer than expected. All of this got fixed by transferring the whole business model to two six hour shifts, whereby both staff groups received full pay and suddenly everything worked to perfection, times and schedules were being kept, productivity blossomed and profit rose, despite additional mechanics being employed, a whopping 25%.

Other businesses that have implemented six hour working shifts with full pay reported that they were able to hire much better workers and higher quality staff, because despite better pay elsewhere, the six hour working day provides not only for a better and more relaxed working environment, but induced the will into people to manage an equal, if not higher amount of work within the shorter time frame, because the motivation was stronger, the overall happiness and focus were higher and the efficiency got improved into unbelievable numbers. People are generally happy to leave work two hours earlier and tend to invest more of their efforts during the shorter time period, knowing that they are being rewarded for their extra effort.


Unfortunately for good sense, happiness of the workers and efficiency of the work being done, conservative and liberal politicians do not want to have happier workers and are strongly opposed to facilitating reduced working hours. Such politicians are all about the money and they do not care about people. It is cheaper to make people toil longer for the same pay, therefore no six hours working days are going to be enforced nationwide. Happy people are thinking, musing about other stuff than their work, which may lead to contemplating the sense of having politicians decide their fate and generally oppress free thinking and free entrepreneurship, which may result in questioning the immense harboring of wealth among the top 1%. Rich people and their politician puppets are having none of that, not even as a remote possibility. Therefore, despite all of these projects and businesses clearly testifying that a six hour working day may lead to even better productivity and efficiency, even rising profits, the overlords are squashing the concept, just like they did ten years ago, in order to please their rich masters. Think about this the next time you go to the voting booth to vote for one of them smiling backstabbers like Cameron. He would like nothing more than add the UK as another state in the US of A.

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