Is the Car Industry the Big Bad Wolf?

Is the Car Industry the Big Bad Wolf?
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Elon Musk, the famous entrepreneur and inventor, who is the brains behind Tesla Motors, Inc. and the new Tesla Powerwall technological idea, just to name a few, became well known because of the manufacturing of the Tesla electric vehicles and sport cars. The whole movement is envisioned in order to popularize alternative energy sources and leading away from combustion engines, which pollute and slowly but surely kill the Earth. Many do not know why Elon Musk chose to name his company Tesla, assuming it is because Nikola Tesla, the great Serbian inventor, invented the alternating current electricity supply system.

The whole idea should probably be attributed to the Nikola Tesla invented induction motor and subsequent experiments resulting in countless principles and patents related to electric motoring and alternating current induction motors. Yet it is the idea, which many misunderstood, related to the ill-fated Tesla Tower, or as it is now known Wardenclyffe Tower, which is behind the secret of Tesla and the first ever wireless tower, built to transmit not only signals, but electricity.

See, the original idea of the combustion engine was never intended to last, since that it was clear that crude oil is not available in unlimited supply. The idea to switch to renewable energy sources exists already since Tesla dabbled in magnetic energy, polarities, electricity, alternating current and wireless distribution. The idea was also to somehow harness the electric power produced by the nature itself, like magnetic poles and lightning. Additionally, the transmission of power was to be infused through the Earth core and thus available all over the world next to instantly, also using Earth’s own vibration to generate and amplify power, generating an endless supply of power, whereby prospective, but yet not available renewable energy sources could be added to the grid at will.


Since that the system would also allow wireless communication, transmission of media content, information, besides power transmission, it would be capable of not only powering, but also guiding and exactly pinpointing any and all locations of power consumption, without limitation, because similar wireless power towers would be located all over the world – as they are now, only used for mobile telephony. The final idea was to use this power and guidance system, to create self-driving vehicles, which would run on the wireless power, thus no combustion engine, allowing for an endless array of cars, busses, trains, any vehicle, to function completely accurately, without collisions, obstructions or traffic jams.

Sadly, this concept was scrapped, because the switch went towards using radio waves instead of Tesla’s idea, for communication, all but killing the funding for this project, which went nowhere and was officially scrapped. It was later revealed that the US military used Tesla’s principles in secretly communicating, by means of extremely low frequencies, with submarines, but this story was also very quickly removed from airwaves.

It is no secret that Tesla Motors is similarly destroying the concept of combustion engines dominance on the streets, particularly since Tesla Motors published all proprietary patents and designated them to use without the necessity to pay licence fees. Nevertheless, despite predictions that crude oil reserves will dry out by 2050, the big oil companies together with the car industry still do everything humanely possible to squash any and all movements towards manufacturing vehicles that use renewable energy sources as fuel.

It does seem that the huge companies behind car manufacturing, mostly in the Western world, are reluctant, if not against the idea of abandoning the century old combustion engine principles. While some Japanese companies seriously try to find alternate solutions and Tesla Motors providing actual solutions, companies like Chrysler and Chevrolet rather go out of business and get sold to German car manufacturers, than rethink their positions.

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