Money, Either You Have It, or You Do Not

Money, Either You Have It, or You Do Not
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Interesting how the money flow works, is it not? If you are born into money, there is almost no way how you can lose it all, despite best efforts. On the other hand, if you are born into poverty, there are almost no legal ways how you can get into serious riches. Yes, you read that one right, there are almost no legal ways how you can get into big bucks, even if you win the lottery. How many people that won the lottery really remained rich, should be your next question. Almost not a single one, it is besides the point that most lotteries worldwide are legal government scams.

Self-made billionaires or millionaires

There is no such thing, at least not anymore. Again, there are no legal ways how you can obtain money, if you do not have it already, to start up a future multi-million company. There is a reason why most of the Chinese companies are funded by the government, Japanese companies are almost always a part of a multicorporate enterprise that includes a bank. Not a single American company was funded by a person that came from poverty, if you look into it, there is always a man with a good idea and another man with money, whereby the man with the money is almost always controlling the whole thing. You do not believe this? Read up on Steve Jobs and how he got booted out of Apple, for instance.

The American dream

Well, the origin of the American dream were in the early days, where you went to America when it still was owned by the Natives, you simply killed the natives and took over the land. During the gold rush, all you had to do is work in a registry office for prospecting permits, you find out where there is gold and you simply appropriate the land to your partners. Slave labour should also be mentioned, but any and all of the one per cent of the American people that are considered the top echelon of rich have dabbled in it and their ancestors have blood on their hands, besides committing a genocide on the Natives. So, the American dream is more of a fairy tale nowadays and certainly does not apply to the UK citizen.


How do people get rich?

People get rich mainly if they have something that is valuable enough that other people are prepared to pay plenty of money for, like a talent, idea, patent or similar. Mind you, the rich, who are supposed to pay for that tangible item, will try first to steal it, forcibly take it, con you for it, do anything they can to get it from you, whereby paying you for it will be the last thing they do and only if they get the lion share of the profits. Zuckerberg owns Facebook? Think again, he invented it, but it belongs to shareholders, whereby Zuckerberg himself owns less than 30%, which is an estimate and might be significantly less.

How about actors, musicians?

Artists do have a tangible asset that is not transferable to someone else, for instance, there is only one Clint Eastwood, a product that sells, so he gets paid to make money for the investors. First roles he did, he barely got paid, for the TV series Rawhide he earned $600 per week, for the movie A Fistful of Dollars he got $15,000. Combined movie gross, total of his lifetime as an actor, the movies he only acted in, earned almost two billion dollars. He pocketed for all of his work, as a director, actor, producer, everything he did during lifetime, an estimated $375 million. You see, somebody else pocketed the major piece of the cake.


If you watch celebrities and rich people on TV hoping one day you will strike it rich, keep calm, it most probably will not happen. Unless you become a drug lord or otherwise criminal mastermind, you very probably will not see money beyond what you can borrow from a bank. Unfortunately, such career choices drastically shorten your life span. It might be a better idea to see if you are not artistically gifted, or are not by any chance an inventor, no matter which field, who can produce something that everybody will need, like a serum that gives eternal youth, or life, which surprisingly is not the same thing. Only make sure that the patent is indeed in your name and that you do not sell it for a pittance of its worth.

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