Money for Nothing

Money for Nothing
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Is it not the dream of every single person on this very Earth, at least at some point and time in life? You believe that this is not you, wishing for money that you have not earned? This will open your mind to clearly see that in fact you are just as shallow as the next person, seeking riches without having to earn them. Just to be clear, this is not to offend anyone, only to enlighten you on how the world is being viewed by a vast majority of people.


I am sure you played at least some form of a similar game, maybe you bet on sports, maybe you even go to casinos, or rather simply play the UK national lottery, it is all the same thing – you wish you would get money for nothing. It is the same story with any kind of bet, game of chance, anything where you with minimal or no financial investment get overly excessive returns. It is all money for nothing and you at least wished you won. Ask any grandma playing bingo, they all are there to win, the companionship is an added bonus.

There is more

Remember the day when you walked down the street and you found that coin or banknote on the floor. No matter how little it was, a five cent coin or a twenty quid bill, you will spend the whole rest of the day peeking at the floor, convinced there are tons of cash just waiting that you pick them. Oh, yes, you know you did that and you know I am right. It is just another instance of the deeply infused desire of most people wishing they would receive money for nothing. That Dire Straits song did speak about talentless musicians, but they were completely right about the concept.


You are still not convinced

There is another story you should remember now, the one where you heard about that bloke, who either won the lottery or got an inheritance, or the one girl that married that billionaire – I believe there are several TV shows and web pages making money out of that fairytale – and the one story where that dude did not have enough money to leave a tip and promised the waitress half of the money on his ticket, if he won. I am sure you did watch that movie and thought to yourself, why does something like that not happen to me?

More stories to ponder

Starting with the outright crime capers, where people stole bags of money from a bank, or a truck transporting the cash, or robbed some rich guy, or even the abduction and ransom stories, you look at the cash and think about the pile being right in front of you. You would probably never even consider doing such a vile thing, but you think about the cash and the need in you simply roars awake. Then you say to yourself that you would never, ever do something like that, yet, if by any chance, one of them robbers, running away, would drop a bag with cash, you would simply swipe that thing up and vanish into thin air. Then you remember all the stories about people returning found money, sometimes large sums and you laugh at them, thinking just how stupid they are, probably did not even get a dime compensation.

Money for nothing

There you have it, you know, you are one of them people, wishing that money for nothing scheme would smile upon you, provide you with a heap of wealth. This feeling of having a pile of cash is the main reason why people who are not in debt, do not have a financial emergency, yet still go and take out a loan, to just once in their life hold that bundle in your hands, put it to good and proper use, do something good for yourself, put a smile on your face, quench that need, if only for a second, minute, day or week, it is worth it. Even if it takes years to pay it back. It is worth it.

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