Rip off Alert: How to Know if Your Credit Card Is Ripping You Off?

Rip off Alert: How to Know if Your Credit Card Is Ripping You Off?
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Not all credit cards are the same. Some may offer exciting rewards or low interest rates and there are others that may just be ripping you off. This happens even if you diligently pay off your dues in full month after month.

In order to siphon more money out of their customers, credit card issuers advertise popular features such as the cash-back rewards or the free frequent flier that are often misleading. Rather than use cash, you use your credit card because you are after the rewards. This may make sense on some instances but not always.

In order not to get ripped off, here are some of today’s online websites that can help you find a better credit card:

Credit Karma

The online website was founded back in 2007 by Kenneth Lin with a mission to offer free credit scores and key information to credit card holders. It has helped numerous consumers since starting and it continues to be the number resource for people who are looking for better credit card deals.

Credit Karma has recently started providing scores which are updated weekly from Equifax and Transunion. Other than credit scores, the website goes the extra mile by offering advice on how to improve scores when you have a bad one. New customers may also sign-up and take advantage of the service by simply providing your basic information. No credit card information is needed.

Your credit score is pulled up based on your information then credit utilization is also shown. In the end, people who only has 30% credit utilization have higher ratings.


Magnify Money

Another website with the most number of credit cards on their list is Magnify Money. The website offers one of the most detailed and helpful information to consumers. If you don’t know where to start and what credit card to choose, Magnify Money will help you trim down choices accordingly.

Designed to be a consumer-friendly website from the beginning, Magnify Money’s main focus is on credit credits. It lays out the fees and interest rates per credit card on their list to give a clearer picture of which ones are the best for your needs and financial situation. With key information practically spoon-fed to consumers, Magnify Money ensures you never get ripped off by credit card.

Nerd Wallet

Founded by Tim Chen, a Wall Street analyst, Nerd Wallet is another helpful site to go to when comparing credit card options. There are a range of accessible tools you can use to research and compare many of today’s best credit card options. Currently, millions of unique visitors check out the site on a monthly basis. You can never go wrong when you have Nerd Wallet paving the way towards best credit cards in the market today.

Avoid getting ripped off by going to the Nerd Wallet website and check out credit card options and compare them according to the best features, interest rates and other key factors without trouble.

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