The Best Budgeting Apps

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Planning out and managing a budget can be difficult. One of the hardest parts of creating a budget plan is not only knowing how to write it up, but trying to remember it fill it in all the time. Luckily, thanks to modern technology, there are several apps out there that can help you out. Using one of these apps will make managing your budget a lot easier, and therefore more effective.

  1. Budgt (iOS) – If you just want a simple budget managing app, this is a great choice. It has a clean interface and it is very easy to use. You can set up your monthly incomes and expenses, and then even add your own categories for other expenses. It can create charts to help visualize your expenses, and the display makes everything easy to read. It may lake some features that some other apps have, but it is a great choice if you have simple needs.
  2. Spendee (iOS) – Another great, simple app for iOS devices is Spendee. It makes tracking your spending simple, and everything is presented in a clear fashion. Entering expenses is easy, and there are some great infographics that help you understand your spending habits better. This is a great another great choice for people with simple needs.
  3. Expense Manager (Android) – This mostly free app is one of the best available on Android devices. While you can get the app for free, and use most of the functions for free, if you want to use some of the advanced features like pie charts and income management, you’ll have to pay a little bit. Otherwise, you get a great app that is perfect for managing your money and letting you keep track of what you are spending it on. The app’s homepage keeps track of how much you’ve spend so far this month, and how much until you reach your budget cap, which is handy when you are trying to decide if you can afford a new purchase.
  4. Once Touch Expenser (Android) – Lastly, this app for Android is completely free and easy to use. You can set a budget that divides into categories like food and entertainment, and then sort your expenses with reminders and charts to track your spending over time. You can photograph receipts for later filing, and set reminders for later expenses like bills and utilities. All around great app for Android devices that won’t cost you a thing.

With these great apps you can take your budget with you on the go so that you can track expenses as they happen. By staying on top of your budget you are more likely to adhere to it. There is no point in making a budget if you just forget about it and go past it each month. Make following your budget a priority, and make it easier by installing on of these great apps onto your smartphone today.

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