There Are No Charities

There Are No Charities
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Why do all the rich people playing a role of someone who cares? They most certainly did not care about anything but success up to the moment they did strike it rich, so why all of a sudden any and all billionaires, if not millionaires as well, add “philanthropy” as one of their callings? If you do not cringe at the accumulated wealth of the top 1% just by thinking about them, then you should read this. While the topic title might be a bit strongly worded, charities are not what they seem and philanthropists are not generous benefactors they would like to portray.

Where did the money go

If you do not have it and the other of your friends do not have it, where did it go? Naturally, there is only limited amount of money that is available within a country, as defined by the National Bank, or in our case, the Bank of England. In order to be a billionaire, you cannot simply get fresh money from somewhere, no, you have to earn it, or rather get it from someone who already has it. The people who already have it are generally the same people who obtained said riches in most sinister ways, by slave trade, by controlling trade in general, by oppressing people and plenty of other ways, which are conveniently outlawed by now. With such a glorious history, the descendants of such people feel little if any obligation to share their hard earned wealth.


Unfortunately for them, if you just amass money, it loses value, so what these Croesus’s plagiarisers are doing is simply organise a framework of money flow, where the money flows from one company to another, continually moving, yet staying in-house, since that all the companies are belonging to one and the same few rich people. Ironically enough, by doing so, they increase the value of their companies, becoming richer. Unfortunately there is also such a thing called taxes, which these people are more than reluctant to pay. For that very reasons, there are charities, where you can funnel just the right amount of money, for “charitable purposes”, receiving your tax benefits, keeping even more money within the house, even paying your own companies to do charitable work to help impoverished people who are poor because you are oppressing or helping someone to oppress them.


Sarcasm, irony or sinister and deliberate exploits

You may now point out that there are plenty of “regular” people doing charity work. Yes, there are and will be many such people, who are pure-hearted and caring souls with nothing but love propelling their efforts. The rich have no love for the poor. Did you know that at some point, a few years back, it would have taken only one billion US dollars to eradicate world hunger? Do you know that, in order for every single child to receive proper and up to a college degree education, it would take less than twenty billion US dollars? Any and all children of the world, that is. Did you notice that Bill Gates could pay for both and still have more than forty billion bucks left? Even the Queen could afford to do it and still be the richest female in the world, next to Oprah, who also did not chip in. Now do explain once again how billionaires are philanthropists, if you please.

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