Tips to Save Money on Your Groceries

Tips to Save Money on Your Groceries
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At a time when groceries prices keep rising but your salary remains the same, it is important to device a way to save money when buying your groceries. There are ways you can do this without having to cut back on your monthly grocery needs.

The ultimately known way to do this is by using coupons. You can collect coupons all month and use these to cut back on how much money you will spend on your crockery shopping. If you are having difficulty collecting coupons or find that there are usually no coupons for the products you buy, then there are other ways through which you can save on your grocery related costs. You can easily cut back on your grocery related costs by:

  1. Be picky on the store you choose for your grocery shopping. Go to stores that have lower grocery prices to do your shopping. This is bound to cut back on the amount you will spend for shopping by a sizeable amount of pounds.
  2. Stock up your items when your grocery store has a sale. Stores usually have sales and this is a time you can take advantage of the sale offers. Buy a large amount of the items on sale and you will cut back on your purchases in the months to come. You will also have attained the item at a cheaper price.
  3. Substitute the expensive items you need for lower priced ones. If a product you use is very expensive but there are cheaper substitutes, why not consider buying the cheaper ones. As long as they offer the same functionality as your desired product, then buying the lesser priced one will save you some money.
  4. Refrain form buying convenience or prepared foods. You will always be charged an extra for the preparation of these foods. Why not just buy the ingredients and prepare the foods at home by yourself? This will save you money and at the same time keep you busy in the home.
  5. Pay keen attention to the unit price of items. You may find that in many stores, buying a bigger pack is cheaper. Buying 6 packets of 0.5 kg may be much more expensive than buying a single 3 kg packet. This means that to save money, you may just go for the big pack than buying several smaller packs.
  6. Don’t keep your gaze fixed at the eye level in the stores. Be willing to look and bend down. The store arrangement is usually in such a way that expensive brands are put at the eye level while the lower priced brands are on the bottom shelves which many don’t take time to look at. To save money, be willing to bend and look down for other brands.
  7. Don’t be scared to haggle on the price of food items. When you go to the open markets, be ready to negotiate on the price of items. You may be shocked at the end of the day at the amount you saved for just negotiating on the price for lower prices
  8. Don’t shy away form items whose expiry dates are near. These items usually have very lowered prices to entice buyers into purchasing them. There are many products which still remain good for use for some days after their expiry date. You however need to be careful on the items you select. This is especially the case when it comes to food items. If you know you will use then on the day of purchase or the day after, consider taking the product. Buying these will help you cut back on your groceries.
  9. Don’t focus on buying personal products form small grocery stores. The prices tend to be higher at these stores. The best place to collect your shampoo or deodorants is in megastores. The prices are usually lower there.
  10. Buy in bulk to save on cash. Bulky products are usually cheaper since a lesser is used in packaging. Bulky amounts of things like cereals, laundry detergents, or toothpastes are usually fair priced. Buying these will help you save on the amount you spent on your groceries.



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