What Is More Important, People or Money?

What Is More Important, People or Money?
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When asked directly, neither rich nor poor people, neither politicians nor common folk would pick money before people. It is just not right and proper to do so, you would think, would you not? Nevertheless, plenty of people have done things that testify that the primary objective of the elite, including politicians, is money and, arguably power. As shocking as that may seem, it is nothing incredulous, at least it seems not to be, because if you only read newspapers or do simple internet searches, you will immediately find tons of proof that money is more worth than human life.

Bank of England

In the UK, we had a governor for ten years, who said that in order to curb inflation, thousands of people losing their job would be an “acceptable price to pay”. You may argue that the monetary stability function, one of the primary functions of the Bank of England, may have been the reason for such a statement, yet should a government entity not serve the people? In addition to that, why did the Bank of England receive the asset purchase facility? High quality assets are being purchased by the Bank of England in order to improve liquidity in the credit markets. What this means is that the Bank of England is now an investment business. Short explanation: The Bank of England is using public money to do business and keep the profits for itself. All losses will be compensated by the taxpayers.


National Health Service

Beware if you get sick, because your health care is free. The Austrians have a saying “If it does not cost anything, it is not worth anything”. Actually, this seems not to be true, because most of citizen who are covered by the NHS do express that they receive proper care. Yet if anything falls on the wrong side of the tracks, or rather, if you manage to contract a rare disease, you will have to see yourself through an inanimate jungle of bureaucracy just to be denied, if your treatment is not on “the list”. If you have bad teeth, you will not get them nice and shiny replacements if you do not pay. If you had breast cancer, you will not receive the preferred breast reconstruction surgery for free. It is still your tax money, yet, nothing that is considered luxury will be allowed.

The only heir

Your dad dies, you are the only surviving child, mother died first. Dad has a property in his own name, with a beautiful house on it, you lived there your whole life. Unfortunately, he failed to write up a will, because with 55 he did not expect to go yet, but car accidents do not verify the age first. Guess what? That property and house now belongs to the Queen. Additionally, even if your dad did have a will written up, you still wind up paying taxes through your nose for your own property.

Do you still believe that people are more worth than money? Well, for your government they are not. For most companies, they are not. For a lot of people, they are not. There are countless examples such as the aforementioned. Take a bit of time and look around. You will be amazed.

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