Why Do We Need Money?

Why Do We Need Money?
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Would you believe that we actually do not need money? Well, technically we do, but money is not the goal, the stuff that you can get for money is. On the other hand, there are people who practically sit on billions of dollars and do nothing with it. Yeah, they invest into something secure, like government bonds or something even more boring. Yet they never seem to get any less wealthy. You, dear reader, to put it bluntly, are sitting at home, thinking how to get your hands on a new mobile phone, car, TV set, refrigerator or, if you are really ambitious, house or apartment. Somehow there is never enough money available to you, where you could say that you are comfortably well off. Why is that?

The greed principle

Person or persons, who have money, no matter how much, are never content with that amount. They always seek to earn, gather, scrape, steal, borrow more and more, even if they get all the money there is, they still want more. This is called the greed principle. At some point, given enough money, you cannot find anything else you can buy. Then the “collector” excuse starts kicking in, a sure sign that you have too much money and you start purchasing several items of the same thing, thinking it makes sense just because you fancy yourself being a debonair money wasting machine.


Justice is a basic human need, yet there is no Justice when money gets involved. Justice bends depending on the money amount and the transgression perpetrated in a very proportional ratio and leads to conclusion that given enough money, you can get away with anything. This is also a part of the greed principle, where you can, for money, purchase more power and get-out-of-jail free cards, allowing you to forego any legal consideration in your pursuit of greed nirvana. You, of course, never admit to anyone, not even yourself, that you are a greedy monster. You call yourself an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. You are donating a lot of money to worthy causes, whichever cause is tax deductible and Justitia will remain blind, as long as the cash flow is continuing to fill the right pockets.


Loans are the best vehicle how to keep poor and middle-class people on their toes. Because the greed principle is infecting them too, they also live beyond their means, but they do not have enough money that will hold them harmless in sight of the blind law. In their case the law sees very well. Loans do put people under additional strain financially, keeping them occupied while the rich get richer and poor get poorer. There is only so much money out there and the “collectors” of money do not want you to have it. Yet they graciously allow you to borrow it. At some point, the uber-rich will hold all the money and we all will just be their slaves, working off the loans that cannot be repaid, since that there is no money left. It is also possible that all the 99% just get rid of the 1% and start from the very beginning. For some reason such a scenario does sound really appealing.

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