Windows 10 – Update or Wait?

Windows 10 – Update or Wait?
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It is horrible to behold how some PR machinery work. Apple and Microsoft have the best advertising people money can buy and they use this feature mercilessly. Windows 10 arrival has been touted for at least a year in advance, lately stressing the fact that it is given away for free, for all users who have a legit copy and some less legit ones. Any user of an Android handheld device should right now smirk and say – Android updates were always for free. Anyway, Windows 10 is here and it has brought back the start-up button. Now all Windows 7 users should just shake their heads in disbelief and cancel the update.

What is really new?

A tremendous load of nothing and an even bigger load of negatives, plus prettier graphics, prolonged support, lost support for many games, applications, devices that need a driver and you get Cortina and Internet Explorer renamed to U2, I beg a pardon, Edge. Apparently there are multiple virtual desktops, but these were possible before as well, you only needed to fiddle a bit with drivers and such. Oh, yes, there will be no more fiddling. Anybody with an inclination towards independent thinking cancels the update right now.

Yes, you are not allowed to meddle into stuff you do not understand. When gods from Redmond decide you need an update, you better update. Up until now, you had the choice, now you do not. You do not like this? Now how about this little excerpt from the Windows 10 EULA: “We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary.” There is not a single person in this world, who does not receive a paycheck by Microsoft, who trusts that this “good faith belief” is not going to be used in arbitrary manner. If you think you will trust them, Snowden says “Hi.”.


Really, is there anything new, exciting, fresh?

No. There is Siri for Windows, renamed Cortana, an assistant that assists in gathering your personal data for whatever purposes and forwards it to whomever Redmond gods have designated as the recipient. Fill in now any acronym such as NSA, CIA, FBI or an agency of your personal preference. Yes, the data you ask from your personal assistant is being forwarded and stored on Microsoft servers, so that they can harass you with ads you do not want to see and give out anything there is to know about you to a clandestine organisation.

Additionally, they have removed all games and apps and you have to download them from their ghastly Windows store, which means now you download Solitaire and it comes with ads. They have also killed off all desktop widgets. In future, you also cannot connect any floppy drives to your computer. That capability has been completely removed. There is also no native DVD playback. Everything you want within Windows, apps, games, widgets, gadgets, anything, you have to pay for it extra.

You still want to update? Listen to this: there is a feature called WUDO, probably short for Windows hogs your broadband indefinitely. What it does is really interesting, when you download your updates, that you cannot turn off, you also download these updates for all your networked computers as well, which are then distributed in a true p2p manner to the whole internet too. Yes, you are forced to be a slave donkey for Windows updates for other users, which will probably completely kill your broadband speed. There is apparently a provision to curtail this, but it remains to be seen to how much and in what manner.

If you update your Windows OS to the latest incarnation of the Microsoft lunacy, you will most probably bitterly regret it. Yes it looks prettier and has a couple of the Windows 8 innovations in it, but other than that, there is not a single sane reason why you would switch from a perfectly functioning Windows 7 OS to this thing. It brings absolutely nothing new. The hugely touted Edge and Cortina are made for people who actually want to purchase an Apple computer. Everything else is a step back into uselessness, mind-blowing utter stupidity and insult to your and my intelligence.

Microsoft will try to strong-arm gamers into updating by refusing to release a DirectX 12 for older Windows versions, but I am sure that some smart hacker will circumvent this mean attempt. Forcing people to accept Windows as the future of handheld devices by ruining the great desktop OS experience Windows 7 was is not a very smart move. It seems that after shooting themselves in the one foot by releasing Windows 8, Microsoft decided to mend the problem by shooting into the other foot as well. Windows 10 is more horrible than you think. Just upgrade and work for the next two weeks to turn off all the spyware it comes with. Then it will crash, because there is no driver for your sound card.


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